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Commitee Members

The Executive
The Chairman is responsible for planning for the county’s future and managing the efficient running of the county day by day. The chairman is responsible for health and safety, and shares this with all other committee members. The chairman is the contact for all the executive and council members and organises, chairs, and prepares the agenda for committee and general meetings. The Chairman, together with the President, represents the County at internal and external events

The Secretary is the official correspondence contact between the county and the clubs; between the county and the regional and national bodies, and the public. The secretary makes sure minutes are taken and correspondence is dealt with and properly filed for future reference.

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting annual membership fees from the Clubs for the county and region and for maintaining a database of the Associations membership. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining proper books and accounts so that a complete and accurate financial record is kept to the satisfaction of the Committee, the members and the Auditors

The Records Officer
Records Officer maintains records scores submitted by association members, record any scores for awards and records the holders of trophies. The Records Officer advises the County Squad managers on those eligible to shoot for the County.

County Team Manager overseas the formation and development of their squads.they lease with the committee, The County Coaching Officer, the Records Officer, the Tournament Officer and the Judge Representative and the Judge Liaison Officer. They maintain contacts with other County Squad managers in general and specifically within the West Midlands Region to ensure the smooth and fair running of Regional competitions.

Tournaments Officer is responsible for organising internal and external competitions including the County indoor and outdoor competitions, collecting scores and announcing results. The Tournament Officer liaises with the Clubs to help with any club tournaments and to ensure the running of the annual Richard Court shoot organised by the previous year’s winners.

Coaching Officer is responsible for planning coaching schemes for the County that ensure that all archers have access to a coach. The Coaching officer ensures that coaching courses are run and that coaches have the opportunity for development, both within their current grade and to higher grades. The Coaching officer organises for help from without the County when required for the furtherance of development of coaching or individual archers.

The Safeguarding Officer is the first point of contact for any Club who has concerns. The Safeguarding Officer advises the committee on any issues that need policy reviews or disciplinary action. The SO has a direct line of responsibility to the SO at AGB and is concerned with monitoring our adherence to the AGB Safeguarding Policy and with ensuring that all Clubs have a SO and maintain their Policies.